Thursday, April 02, 2009


Yes, I Know That The Price Of Cigarettes Has Gone Up But.........

I'm sorry to say that that still hasn't deterred me from stopping!

Imagine my surprise when I heard on the news that the price of cigarettes would go up and go up a LOT! I was already shell-shocked from my last cigarette buying excursion when I found out that the price of cigarettes had gone up so much! My favorite "second-choice" cigarettes had jumped from $3 to $4 and some change! And of course my beloved Kool cigarettes now cost over $5! And the price increase won't be just limited to cigarettes but to cigars and other smoking-related products as well!

They interviewed some smokers on the news and the majority of them said that the price increase was enough to make them want to stop smoking. One man said that he tries to buy the cheapest brands of cigarettes that he can find!

Me? Sorry folks but I'm still going to be a smoker! I guess that this just means that I just have to make more money so that I can have cigarette money in my budget! According to the poll that I have on the side of this blog there have been a few people that have voted and said that they think that their cigarette habit is even more worse than mine and I'm wondering how they feel about the cigarette price increase? How do YOU feel about the cigarette price increase?

How do I feel about the cigarette price increase? Well being a smoker and smoking as much as I do, when I first heard the news about the big price increase my thought was oh well - have to have more money for cigarettes! Not once did I think about quitting! I mean when I am out of cigarettes the cravings are sometimes just too much to bear! I get moody and cranky and am just not a good person to be around!

It's probably due to the fact that the nicotine is so addictive and I don't like how I feel when I am out of cigarettes! So I'll continue to buy them as much as I can!

So it's more money that I have to make, increase my income - I don't think I'll get to the point where I'll cut something else out because my budget is already at its bare minimum! Smoking is one of the few pleasures that I allow myself to have!

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Just wondering, as an experienced smoker what do you think of Tareyton cigarettes? What is your opinion of them? I just tried em and I really liked him, they tasted wonderful!

I never have heard (or seen) that particular brand and I don't think that the stores in my area carry it.

How much does it cost?

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